tony studio

[Verse 1:]

I’ll come in this bitch & steal yo’ shine

So what ya wanna do?

I came in here with two feet

I’m one deep

Fuck yo crew

Village people niggas

Worried bout dancing & swag

Stick with them niggas

Y’all do drag?

Cuz if I feel a nigga bitch

I’ll call a nigga, bitch

Y’all talk like a bitch

What’s this fad?

Sour diesel gas.

Guess this blunt is a hybrid..

Vega burn slow

I see it all with low eyelids

Thank God when I bake up

But see him when I pay homage

Cuz a nigga been grindin’

Like I got a baby mama & five kids

But I lost niggas

& gained brothers

Lost bitches

But gained women

Count cash when I had nothin’

OG told me never stunt it

So I talk with the coach over brunch

My team got cheerleaders

Yea, that’s wussup

& she on my D-line tough

Hit this quarterback and we punt

They all come back overtime

When they see a nigga doin’ fine

But if the kit-kat was good

Why not break em off sometimes

Keep the distance

Don’t take it personal

This personal?

Yea, this purp will do

But it’s saulgood when you at this view

I’ll give the haters somethin’ look up to



If I’m alive I’m fine

Cuz some didn’t wake up

So to the fallen

Me and tiz gon wake & bake up

My nigga

Instagram this blunt

Lotta grams should I stunt?

If they tell you they from THE O

I bet next they blaze up

Cuz that’s what we do

Jus’ a nigga from THE O

Black Panther

Jus’ a nigga from THE O



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