Chapter III – Dear Cupid, Love Lust


[Verse 1:]

With a bad bitch watchin dvd’s

This meal here came from EBT

She wanna hear me I’m feelin like

Dairus Rucker on CMT

Jus’ a nigga singing round white folk

But with my game, yea i might poke

Right hand on the bible

She french kiss me now i turn eiffel


Bang, bang, bad rifle

And i beat it up like Michael

To my niggas


But strap up cuz of her cycle

In the presidential suite be my delegate

Down on her knees like Methodist

I kill her there no evidence

Roll a blunt smoke loud my element

Kool-aid in that pitcher

In that swisher

Rolling mary

Follow scripture


Halle berry

Motion picture


Long dick but imma delicate

Down on her knees new testament

I kill her and another no evidence

Everyday in they mind I’m relevant

When i leave

it might hurt

Hit it once

u like purp

So high check my vert

I treat em all like they first

But it’s hard to love another

But u been played by yo bitches and them niggas

And them niggas

Ain’t yo niggas

Cupid chill out with yo trigger

I say


MVP in this hall of fame

Since u tell me that I think this love’s a game

So I

Take one to the head, go bang

My devil rocking vera wang


Can’t look em in the eye

OG said they’ll medus-ya

Daydreaming bout the future

One night stands i gotta get use to

Pimp said

Don’t love these hoes [3x]

Cuz hoes come & go


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