Chapter V – Live Famous


[verse 1:]

Bad bitch lady friend

In them heels she 4’10

Never loved no nigga

Cuz they hurt her, she won’t go again

Only want that lavish life

Valet cars

And private flights

Rest her head on chanel so she can dream when it’s late at night

All her friends

Soon be foes

Act so bogey

But they hoes

Tell em wipe they nose

In the bathroom just sniff that coke

All down in Miami

She scoping with her friend Tammy

& the way these rappers beat it u would think they win a grammy

Now it’s room service no eggs and hammy

That dollar she keep it handy

Got the big bucks never seeing whammy

And the only love she have is granny

I can’t knock her hustle

She just do what niggas do

Act like she in love

But really ain’t tryna just be with u

Cuz love ain’t real

Got fucked by a few

Even had to cut some out her crew

Now she just a model

And she coming to a town near you

Ballers be aware

And them golddggers should wear they gear

Cuz when u in the club

She in Vip my dear like


White girl
Live Famous
Black Girl
Live Famous
Latin Girl
Live Famous
Get that cash
Watch them find out who yo name is [2x]

[verse 2:]

Now she got a white man

Call him Brad

He got a wife

I gotta add

Send her out to Paris

Louie bag and she poppin tags

It’s ain’t shit

Ain’t that bitch

He want pussy

She want rich

She pop it on Monday

He on her spell

This girl’s bewitch

Get it girl

It’s yo world

Niggas be grimy

U want the life and pearls

Don’t want no seed

Cuz cash is a need

U see all these daughters u say it don’t bother me

Do that shit with yo bad ass

Yo work that shit move fast

Mix chick with alot class

Make old men look when u walk pass

He say Ben

U thinking Frank

Fuck that nigga

Then see the bank

Sip a drank

Smoke that dank

Send yo old head cash she tell u thanks

Live Famous

[chorus 2x]


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