Chapter VI (cont.) – Sweet Jones



Playin Sweet Jones
Sittin’ with my lady gettin blowed
OG say “you got it”
I’m like i know i know i know i know i know


[verse 1:]

How they gon say it’s love, they never showed it

I got some loud and I’m posted


Appearances they ain’t G, you pussies showin

House full of bitches, I wanna kennel homie

This just a rental homie

On me is that purp



I need her

From 87th to 25th

Damn this a pearl

We cruise on the 3rd

So that link I park on curb

Hit the sto’

Get a 40

Sayin “wussup homie”

They dont wanna see you up homie

Play cool

Too cool with fake freedom

My people

My people


So much goin on losing faith

And im off the shits

Man my luck

Is bad

But ironic y’all my bad ass bitch

Turn up that Sweet Jones

And light with a bic

Feel like the shit when I’m




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