Chapter VI – Pink Cocoa


[verse 1:]

If you will do anything for everything

I’ll avoid you

Relations that’s cordial

You losing yo morals

When i spoil you

Oh what more do

ILL nigga


Lick yo lips when you finna roll


Chiefing up by KC

With jojo playing in the back

The front so fat

I can tell what you got up in the back


It up

For a brother

Hope mother nature come after this

Cuz I’m in this like old school wrestling flicks

Monday night Raw royal rumble royalty love so bliss

You lovin this


I fuck with this


that’s you

Sit at the angle man the ass obtuse

But this widow won’t kill this recluse

Where’s the noose

We can hang to the death

I need more than a pretty face and a body

Cuz it just get you fucked

But since we in the cut

Imma cut

Keep each other thirsty get a cup

Bucket list pussy

I can check this off

Candle light on

But the lights off

Like you turn on

And gettin’ off

Championship game how we playoff


Running back and full back

Run game with each other

And you know this on the low

I dont hang with the others

Nah, dont call me bro/brother

That incest ain’t interest

I got weight to bench press

Food for thought

Now ingest

Now I…


Sweet talked her with Sweet Jones
I be liking ratchets
I like girls who sip
And roll up the whole pacc shit [2x]

Its good when i kick game [8x]

To be continued….


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